The Group Soonma inc.’s mission is to change the behavior of city dwellers with regard to individual transport by proposing eco-friendly and effective solutions.


Created in Montreal by Montrealers and for Montrealers, Group Soonma inc. is the result of collaboration between three French and American entrepreneurs living in Quebec for 5 years.


Concerned of our impact in the society which we live in, we preferred action to passivity by marketing a first product: the soon one.


Conscious of the seriousness of the environmental context in which we are, we pledge ourselves to do all we can to reduce our carbon impact and propose "clean" products accessible to all.


This is made possible by an efficient and innovative logistics model. Once the order is placed on our website, your soon-one is assembled and tested by our teams of technicians. We deliver your bike by bike wherever you want in a sector of 100km2 thanks to the expertise of our partner: LVM inc. (see delivery area)


To further compensate for greenhouse gas emissions, we have developed a partnership with Trees Canada and are committed to planting 3 trees per soon-one in circulation. These trees will be planted as part of the national greening program and the "grow clean air" program.


If you want to learn more about the environmental impact of your daily journeys, we invite you to consult our "facts" page. 


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